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Fifth International Conference on Mobile Computing, Applications and Services

November 7–8, 2013 | Paris, France

Compass Mobile App

EAI is proud to announce its new app, Compass Mobile

Compass Mobile is not to be considered a final product yet and MobiCASE 2013 is the 1st real-scenario test of the app.

We want to hear from you and incorporate your valuable feedback during the final phase of the development, any suggestion or comment is extremely appreciated!

Compass Mobile Purpose

Help event attendees to find the right person and facilitate face-to-face meetings.

A recommender system receives user actions from the app elaborates them and produces suggestions on who it is worth to meet.

How to get Compass Mobile

Android devices

You can install the app from Google Play or by scanning the following QR-Code Compass Mobile Android QR-Code

Apple (iOS) and others

Note: The Apple version of the app is currently in the process of being published on the Apple Store. As soon as the application will be available on the Store we will update this page.

For the moment please open a browser session in your device and visit the following link: You can also scan the following QR-Code

Compass Mobile web URL QR-Code