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Fifth International Conference on Mobile Computing, Applications and Services

November 7–8, 2013 | Paris, France

MobiCASE 2013 – NFC Workshop

Workshop on the Near Field Communication for Mobile Applications


18th of August 2013

The goal of the “Workshop on the Near Field Communication for Mobile Applications” is to explore the challenges, issues and opportunities both for academic researchers and industrial innovators. We are looking both for research papers on new applications and presentations of deployment experiments or new business opportunities.

NFC technology enables communication in close proximity within a few centimeters. Today, one million NFC smartphones are sold every week. With NFC mobiles surfacing the market so quickly, mobile operating systems are prepared for support with dedicated frameworks. This offers researchers and developers a great opportunity for getting quick traction with novel applications.

So far, the main NFC-enabled services deal with payment, access control, or ticketing. Commercial applications today mainly target contactless payments, i.e. eWallets or eTickets managed by transportation companies. The broad availability of NFC-technology fertilizes research and development of novel applications and can go well beyond these intended applications.

This workshop aims to bring researchers and industrial experts together to discuss the latest frontiers of NFC-technology and also novel applications that have not been thought of beforehand. The workshop welcomes contributions addressing (but not limited to) the following topics:

Areas of Interest

NFC Security

New protocols for NFC security: relays attacks and countermeasures; secure transactions.

Secure Elements for NFC

SIM frameworks; SecureSD platforms; NFC controllers with secure elements; Single wire protocol (SWP); Trusted Service Manager (TSM); Secure over the air (OTA) services; New secure architectures; Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).

New services and business perspectives

New payments applications; NFC for access control; automotive industry perspectives; applications for the consumer industry; applications for smart cities; Internet Of Things (IoT) new perspectives; NFC integration to Social Networks.

Deployment experiments and testing

Payments, transport, ticketing, access control, couponing, macro localization (Tags).

Workshop Organizers

Pascal Urien, Télécom ParisTech, France

Workshop Technical Programm Comittee

Damien Sauveron, Limoges University, France

Didier Donsez, Grenoble University,France

Joachim Posegga, Passau University, Germany

Lu HongQian Karen, Gemalto, Austin, USA

Marc Pasquet, GREYC laboratory, Caen University, France

Maryline Laurent, Telecom Paris Sud, France

Mohammed Achemlal, Orange Labs, Caen, France

Peter Honeyman, University of Michigan, USA

Samia Bouzefrane, CNAM, Paris, France

Serge Chaumette, LaBRI, Bordeaux Unversity, France

Selwyn Piramuthu, University of Florida, USA