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The First Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing, Applications, and Services

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October 26-29, 2009 in San Diego, California, USA


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Keynote speech by Dr.Rajit Gadh (October 26)

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Researchers and engineers face new challenges stemming from consumer habits that continue to shift to encompass both a desktop-centric work environment as well as a smartphone-centric lifestyle. MobiCASE, the International Conference on Mobile Computing, Applications, and Services, will be where theory meets practice in the mobile wireless computing community. The conference will allow scientists and practitioners from both academia and industry to highlight their best work in mobile applications and service provisioning.

Conference goals and differentiation

MobiCASE stands out from other conferences that have similar topics of interest. Our conference is specifically focused on application-layer research and development in mobile computing: applications, application management, and application services. We are largely compelled by what we see in the consumer space today: high-end mobile phones, high-bandwidth wireless networks, novel applications, scalable software infrastructures, and of course an increasingly larger customer base that's moving towards an almost all-mobile lifestyle. This focus is what sets us apart from other conferences.

We believe researchers who are in the mobile computing application, middleware, and service provisioning areas will really be drawn to MobiCASE with our emphasis on end-to-end applications and a strong interaction between industry and academia.

Selected papers will be chosen for publication in the ACM/Springer MONET journal.


We seek novel submissions in mobile applications and systems research in domain topics above the OSI transport layer with an emphasis on complete end-to-end systems and their components. The conference will be organized into two broad categories, with topics of interest including, but not limited to:

Mobile applications Service Provisioning for mobile users
  • Mobile social networking, such as crowd-sourcing or twittering
  • Healthcare, such as emergency notification or body monitoring systems
  • Transportation, such as nav-sat systems or traffic congestion management
  • Applications for enterprise environments
  • Online mobile targeted advertising
  • M-commerce, mobile ticketing, m-retailing
  • Mobile entertainment, mobile multimedia, mobile and context-aware games
  • Personalization
  • Context-aware applications
  • Novel user experience and interfaces
  • Mobile Web 2.0 and mobile web application frameworks (such as Mobile Ajax, Mobile Flash, J2ME, and others)
  • Supporting toolkits, programming languages, or libraries
  • Use of hardware features such as accelerometers, touch sensing, and GPS
  • Application lifecycle management and distribution models
  • Application management
  • Smartphone platforms (e.g. Windows Mobile, iPhone, Symbian, Android)
  • Adaptive, self-configuring applications
  • Context-modeling and ontologies
  • Support for large-scale, scalable messaging and event processing
  • End-user network monitoring and management
  • Middleware and distributed systems in support of mobile applications


In addition to scientific research papers, MobiCASE will also host an industry paper track where industry product groups and venture capitalists in the mobile computing space can share best practices, real-world observations, and projected near- and long-term expectations that will hopefully help guide and focus all attending researchers and practitioners.

Paper submission

Research papers should focus on the design, implementation, and evaluation of complete systems and components. Papers will be limited to 10 single-spaced, double-column, 8.5" x 11" pages with 10-point font. Industry papers are limited to 8 pages. MobiCASE requires that all papers (both research and industry) describe novel, unpublished work, not concurrently under review elsewhere.

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