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Fourth International Conference on Mobile Computing, Applications and Services

October 11–12, 2012 | Seattle, Washington, United States

Paper Submission

Research papers should focus on the design, implementation and evaluation of complete systems and components. Regular research papers are limited to ten (10) singlespaced, double-column, 8.5" x 11" pages with a 10-point font size. We also encourage researchers and students to submit short work-in-progress (WIP) papers, which are limited to six (6) pages. Industry papers should focus on new achievements and advances in practical mobile applications and services, present empirical results, or report on open problems or challenges that arise from an industrial context. Industry papers are limited to eight (8) pages. MobiCASE requires that all papers describe novel, unpublished work not currently under review elsewhere.

Papers should be written in English.

Instructions and Templates

Paper templates for submission:

Paper submission process

  1. Go to the Confy website
  2. Login or sign up as new user
  3. Scroll the list of conferences open for submission
  4. Select MobiCASE 2012
  5. Click the 'submit a paper' link and follow the instructions

Call-for-Content Extended Abstracts

If you are submitting an extended abstract for the Call For Content, the submission details are as follows:

  1. Nature of content type: Presentation/Work in Progress/Demo/Tutorial/etc
  2. Time Requested: 10/5/20/30/45 mins etc
  3. Abstract (150 words)
  4. How will you use the time? (200 words)

Invitations will be judged on:

  • Technical merit
  • Creativity
  • Fit with the conference audience
  • Active Engagement level of the proposed content (how will it engage and excite participants)

Workshop and Tutorial Proposal Guidelines

Proposals submission must not exceed four pages in length and should be to the conference submission through Confy under the Workshop and Tutorial Proposal Track.

Proposals should contain:

  1. Workshop/Tutorial Title

  2. Motivation and objective of the workshop or tutorial

    • A tentative title, and 2-3 sentences to briefly describe the motivation and objectives of the proposed workshop or tutorial (Note: If your proposal is accepted then this description will be used as early publicity for the workshop or tutorial).
    • A more detailed discussion of the anticipated outcomes (e.g., open research problems to pursue, validation objectives, empirical studies, etc.).
  3. Description of Event Format
    • What will be the format of the workshop or tutorial (e.g., paper presentations, keynotes, breakout sessions, panel-like discussions, combination thereof)?
    • Half-day or Full day event?
  4. Description of the targeted audience
    • What type of background should the attendees have?
    • What mix of industry and research participants is being sought?
    • What is the cap (max number of attendees) for the workshop or tutorial?
    • Is the session open to the public or by invitation only?
  5. The workshop paper format, types of contributions and evaluation
    • What type of papers is being solicited for the workshop (length, position, etc.)?
    • What type of evaluation process will be used?
    • The potential program committee (how large will the PC be)?
  6. The workshop paper publishing plans (optional)
    • Workshop proceedings can be published along with the MobiCASE proceedings with Springer.
    • If you wish to follow a different publishing plan, then describe how you intend to disseminate workshop proceedings.
  7. The history of the workshop or tutorial
    • Have you offered this workshop or tutorial before? If so, please provide a history of the venues, dates, and approximate attendance numbers.
  8. Short biographies of all the organizers